2 Guests

2 hours

Surprise your loved ones by taking them on a morning picnic. Watch together as everything around you woke up.

Enjoy moment, talk and spend time together. A shared breakfast is the perfect way to start a day that will surely be a successful one.


Basic - 1200 NOK - bring your own food
Full - 1800 NOK - includes food 

You can choose which package you are more interested in, the picnic itself or the full version with food. We can guarantee that both options will bring you lots of memories.

You can complete your picnic by keeping with you the Polaroid photos taken during the meeting for an additional fee (+100 NOK), or by using the services of our photographer (+2500 NOK).

The event usually starts at 8 a.m., if you prefer to sleep longer, we can prepare your picnic from 9 or 10 o'clock.

Do you have your favorite place? We are happy to prepare a picnic there! If you are not sure about the location, we can help you choose. We have lovely spots in many parks, on the lake, on the beach or in the woods. We can also prepare a picnic in your private spot.